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Embracing Happiness

Our Story

Kris and her husband Dave founded The Bougie Crowd. They had worked together in mental health for years. Working in that industry helped Kris to discover her own self worth; through helping others. She realized that helping others CELEBRATE their own milestones, big and small, is important and should be done more often. 

This made Kris realize that she wanted to start doing more event planning on a local level here in Southern Utah. Helping others reduce stress and anxiety so they could truly enjoy their event was extremely rewarding. She realized that working to IMPROVE our own mental health through by asking for help from others should be more normalized. We can't do it all alone!

Kris' mother, Sherri Madson, passed in 2019 from terminal liver cancer. Sherri instilled the value of education into her children through being a teacher and middle school counselor. After her passing, Kris' brother, Kaden Madson, started The Madson Foundation in her name. This is something that has provided funds to many Northern Utah students. The ability to GIVE BACK is important and keeps us humble. Kris will be bringing a branch of The Madson Foundation to Southern Utah soon. 

Being able to CELEBRATE, IMPROVE, & GIVE BACK are three lessons that have helped us to EMBRACE HAPPINESS. 

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